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Controls and Cables


67-8521BSA Throttle Cable A7 Twin 1956-57450
RE45737- Throttle Cable 250cc 1958-65 (A7 Twin)820
BSA Throttle Cable A7, B40  65/66450
67-8531BSA Throttle Cable A10  1959-64450
68-0813BSA Throttle Cable A65450
68-8510BSA Throttle Cable A50 / A65  1961-65450
90-8630BSA Throttle Cable Bantam / Bushman 69-71450
BSA Throttle Cable Bantam D7 1958-65450
68-8551Air Cable 9 Series BSA A65450
68-8685BSA Air Cable A50 / A65  1961-67445
42-8775BSA Clutch Cable A & B Group585
42-8775BSA Clutch Cable A & B Group (UK Manufacture)1830
67-8681BSA Clutch Cable A & B Group585
42-7042BSA Brake Cable Rear A7, A10  57-62715
42-8670BSA Brake Cable B33 , A7575
42-8689BSA Air Cable A10  970
42-8771BSA Brake Cable A10585
67-8795BSA Exhaust Lifter Cable OHV 1948-59585
SM99Universal Throttle Cable 54"405
Throttle Cable 6 Series 313/364445
SM181Throttle Cable 6 Series 16 Twistgrip450
SM162Emergency Cable Repair Kit620
SM177Universal Throttle 36" 938, 930, 932  450
SM124Universal Clutch / Brake Cable STD 60"450
SM100 Universal Clutch / Brake Cable  X /Long 72"665
Magneto Cable C187795
Doherty Classic Handgrips 7/8" Small Flange
Doherty 107P Clutch Lever2335
Doherty 107P Front Brake Lever2335
Doherty 107PA Clutch Lever2160
Doherty 107PA Front Brake Lever2160
SM175Doherty P108A LH Combination Lever Long5140
SM176Doherty RH Front Brake & Air Lever5140
Doherty 207P LH Clutch Lever1890
Doherty 207P RH Brake Lever 18 85
Doherty 207PA (Adj) Control Lever 7/8" L/H2295
Doherty 207PA (Adj) F / Brake Lever 7/8" R/H2295
Doherty No.71 Throttle Twist Grip 7/8"1935
Twistgrip Standard 7/8" with Classic Grips1070
Doherty 12/569 LH Lever Assembly 2115
Doherty 12/569 Air / Ignition Lever Long2115
Pattern No.77 Twistgrip Dual1075
Pattern No.77 Twistgrip Dual3660
60-2072Triumph Brake Lever Pattern1035
60-2074Triumph Clutch Lever Pattern990
Doherty Clutch & Mag Lever (ball) LH4360
Doherty F / Brake & Air Lever (ball) RH4360
SM150Doherty Sports Grip Handgrips Rib Type495
SM151 Replica Handlebar Grips 7/8" 355
60-7014Replica 364 Twistgrip1385
Doherty Replica  Handlebar Grips 7/8"355
97-2124/5Beston Handle Bar Grips 700
Honda Style Closed End Handlebar Grips450
Kawasaki Style Closed End Handle Bar Grips 4 05
68-871868-8719 Doherty Replica Type 200 Pair Levers2815
Doherty Type 219 Brake Lever 7/8"2285
Doherty Type 219 Clutch Lever 7/8"2285
Doherty Type 105 Decompression Non Ball1405
Doherty Type 205 Decompression Ball Ended865
Pair Air / Mag Levers 7/8" LH / RH2815
Mag /Air Lever 7/8" RH990
Mag /Air Lever 7/8" LH990

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