Reliable Motorcycle Spares
Woking, Surrey 


DU42 6 1/2" Complete with Panel
MU42 6 1/2" Complete with Panel 50128F 7050
SM1318" Complete Headlamp
SM317" SSU 700 Black Complete with Panel7195
SM897" SSU 700  Chrome Complete with Panel7735
SM337" SSU 700/1 C/W Underslung Pilot
SM357" Flat Back Chrome Shell+Rim (54524099)2775
SM907" Flat Back no Holes R3 Chrome Shell+Rim2775
SM627" Chrome Shell+Rim 3W/L Switch 99-70392775
SM637" Chrome Shell+Rim 2W/L Switch Amp 99-99692775
SM647" Chrome Shell+Rim Ammeter Hole 99-99682775
99-70987" Chrome Shell+Rim Plain 3 Grommet Holes2775
SM122Headlight YAMAHA RD250LC RD350LC 2855
SM158Headlight YAMAHA RD125LC DT125R TZR2502185
Headlight HONDA CB125TDC2590
SM141Headlight HONDA CB250N with Halogen H43400
SM136Headlight HONDA CB900 H4 12V60/553400
SM157Headlight HONDA H100 CD125 /185 / 200T CB100N CG125BR 2430
SM137Headlight Universal 7Chr/Case  HLU7CHCASE3305
SM148Headlamp Universal 7" inc Rim & W Clips2820
SM1137" Headlight Universal Round Chrome2260
SM1607" Beam Unit Halogen UK dip1390
SM161Headlight Universal Custom 5 3/4"3360
Headlight Visar 5 3/4" Bates Chrome720
Universal Headlight Inner 5.5 " 12V2700
Headlight Universal Twin Spot Light2700
54524099P7" Lucas Flat Back No Holes 3235
99-06927" Lucas Headlamp Rim1125
LU553248Genuine 7" Lucas Headlamp Rim895
534343Headlamp Rim 5 3/4"760
545207741Lucas Shell + Rim Ammete - Hole 99-99683235
54526651Lucas Shell + Rim 3W/L Switch3235
SM1328" Beam Unit
7" Beam Unit Domed H4 Halogen with Pilot1905
SM607" Beam Unit BPF C/W Bulb Holder1480
SM1478" Beam Unit2430
SM1147" Beam Unit Halogen with Pilot1220
265700217" Genuine LUCAS Beam Unit
260570227" Genuine LUCAS Beam Unit with Pilot Hole3235
554602Bulb Holder Pre Focus Main Beam340
554710 Bulb Holder for Pilot 4 50
31340Headlamp Panel with Switch & Ammeter3170
SM611 3/4" Ammeter 12-0-12 White Dial Chrome Bezel
SM1121 3/4" Ammeter 8-0-8 Black
SM931 3/4" Ammeter Black Face 8-0-81265
SM1231 3/4" Ammeter Black Face 12-0-121405
LU360841 3/4" Ammeter Genuine LUCAS 8-0-82455
LU364031 3/4" Ammeter Genuine LUCAS 12-0-122910
862217Headlamp Wiring Grommet225
99-1026Rear Rubber Flat Headlamp515
99-0638W Clips       (Each)035
500291W Clips (Pack of 10)340
534296Headlamp Rim Clip & Screw175
Rear Lamps
SM50Rear Lamp Replica Lucas 564610
LU53454Genuine LUCAS L564 Rear Lamp L5643710
99-9964Genuine LUCAS L564 Rear Lens1460
SM87Rear Lamp Replica Lucas 5251035
SM134Rear Lamp Replica Lucas 529 (53256) Twin Filament1435
53256BRear Lamp Replica Lucas 529 Single Filament1435
SM172Rear Lamp Replica Miller 38ET1125
SM51Rear Lamp Replica Lucas 6791075
SM52Rear Lamp Replica Lucas 9171035
SM88Red Reflector (Number Plate) 495
LU54720242Rear Number Plate Reflector Grommet165
Wipac S446 6Volt 18/5W 1230
SM164Rear Lamp Replica Wipac S00881755
SM169Rear Lamp Replica Miller Stop Type1350
SM170Rear Lamp Replica Lucas MT110(53009)1435
SM180Rear Lamp Replica Lucas MT211 (53056)1255
Warning Lights
99-1207Warning Light Amber345
99-1207Lucas Warning Light Amber Hex Jewel Type690
99-1208Warning Light Red345
99-1208Lucas Warning Light Red Hex Jewel Type690
99-1209Warning Light Green345
99-1209Lucas Warning Light Green Hex Jewel Type690
99-7054Warning Light Blue345
BA7Bulb 12V 2W To fit warning lights  (each)040
SM5512V 45/40W Pre Focus 370 Headlight Bulbs290
SM566V 30/24W Pre Focus Headlight Bulbs280
SM5712V 4W MCC 989 Parking Light Bulbs   (Each)035
SM586V 4W MCC Parking Light Bulbs   (Each) 035
SM1386V 18/6W Stop / Tail Bulb060
SM1396V Stop Tail055
SM168H4 Halogen Bulb 12V  60/55W270
54057567Indicator Pattern Long   (Pair)1255
54057553Lucas Indicators Short  (Pair)2875
54057553Indicator Pattern Short   (Pair)1255
LU35048Replica Flasher Unit355
472756V Ignition Coil Replica Lucas1480
4727612V Ignition Coil Replica Lucas1480
45150Lucas MA6 6V Coil2080
45110Lucas MA12  12V  Coil2255
Coil Clamps for Lucas MA6 / 12345
839780Wiring Harness BSA A7, A10  (BSA 19-0735)2255
Wiring Harness BSA A10 Swinging Arm5425
1023AWiring Harness BSA A50, A65  (1962-65)3645
839780Lucas Wiring Loom4495
54094151Lucas Wiring Loom3415
LU865493BSA B&M Wiring Loom1795
865493Lucas Wiring Loom Braided4495
Bullet Connector Sleeve  (Each) 025
Solder on Bullet for 3mm Cable    (Each) 035
Stop Switches
SM179Universal Stop Switch450
5033234Stop Switch Replica Lucas (BSA 19-1114)1035
LP54033234Stop Switch with Spring Lucas (BSA 19-1114)895
34448BLucas Type BSA A65 Brake Switch (19-1125)2110
34815Stop Switch Replica Lucas (99-1028)610
43EMiller Replica Stop Switch515
31549Lucas Replica Dip Switch1560
SM171Dip Switch Universal Chrome535
31563Lucas Replica Horn / Dip Switch1435
31563Lucas Replica Horn / Dip Switch Screw On1615
S3857Wipac Ducon Replica Horn / Dip Switch1435
S3858Wipac Tricon Replica Horn / Dip / Stop Switch1385
31788Lucas Replica Toggle Switch1255
LU30552Genuine Lucas Ignition Switch (Requires Lock)2915
LU35351Ignition Switch T140 With Lock &  Key1405
30608Lucas Ignition Switch Body1435
54335169Lucas Ignition Lock & Key715
54336176Lucas Spade Key 88SA090
76204Lucas Replica Horn Push785
54068061Lucas Replica 8H 12V Horn
Lucas Replica Altette Horn 6V
LU700168Altette Horn Bracket Single Bolt
SM173Horn 6V Chrome 100mm715
SM174Horn 12V Chrome 100mm715
Horn 12V Snail Twin Pack Black1045
Cable HT Black    (Per Metre)160
SM165HT Lead Terminal         (each)110
SM167SP Plug Lead Brass Terminal   (each)075
L82CChampion Spark Plug   (Each)250
L86CChampion Spark Plug   (Each)250
N3CChampion Spark Plug   (Each)250
N4CChampion Spark Plug   (Each)250
N5CChampion Spark Plug   (Each)250
N6YCChampion Spark Plug   (Each)250
AB-6NGK Spark Plug    (each)475
LB05FNGK Black Plug Cap300
LZFHNGK Black Plug Cap Non Resistor125
WCX600/180Champion Spark Plug Cap585
Points & Condensors
LU54415803Side Point Models 1963-67 4CA610
LU54415803Contact Set DSB142C Genuine770
Wipac S3908Points Bantam D10, D14  525
Wipac S1233Points Bantam D1, D3, D7525
Wipac S1231S2767 Condenser BSA Bantam1980
LU421106Points BSA C15620
LU54418526Condensor Pack Bracket220
LU54418528Condensor Pack Rubber130
54419827Lucas Contact Set990
LU54419827Points Twins 1968-72   6.C.A575
LU54441582Condensor Triumph T140630
LU425219Contact Set 18D2 Distributer Twins630
LU425377Condensor 18DL Distributor  4CA Points610
LU54420128Condensor Fits  6CA Contact Breaker Assy575
LU60600271Lucas Contact Set 8CA990
67-0729Dyno Sprocket Tab Washer  (Each)045
460061MAG / DYNO Points Cover515
458367/8Clip on HT Pick Up515
455191K2F Earth Brush  (Each)315
451260Pick-Up Brushes  (Each)315
490056 Lucas Mag / Dyno Securing Strap 6 10
SM135Magneto Advance Cable Grommet090

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