BSA Motorcycle Spares
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Refer also to EAW Genuine British Sprockets for BSA 2 and 4 Lobe Sprokets

BSA 300D1 Bantam 1948-53 Gasket Set1395
BSA 301D1 Bantam 1955-63 Gasket Set1255
BSA 308 B31 Gasket Set2205
BSA 311B32 Gasket Set3055
BSA 312B33 Gasket Set2285
BSA 315Star Twin Gasket Set4930
BSA 318M20/21 1939-49 Gasket Set3415
BSA 319BSA M20/21 1950-61 Gasket Set2925
BSA 320AGasket set 650cc5035
BSA D320ADecoke Gold Flash 1950-62 Copper Asbestos2285
BSA 320CBSA Gold Flash Gasket Set5130
BSA D320CDecoke Gold Flash 1950-62 Copper head 2560
BSA 321Gold Star Gasket Set3645
BSA R329A7/Al0 Rocker box gasket set1125
BSA D315BSA Decoke Set2385
BSA 323D1950-62 Decoke set A Group2155
BSA 327C15 Gasket set3235
BSA D327C15 Decoke Set 2070
BSA D330Decoke set2250
BSA 331A50 Twins 1962-703220
BSA 334D1967-70 A65 Decoke Set     2570
BSA 334Gasket Set3870
BSA 335 B25, C25 Gasket Set
27 35
BSA 335DBSA B25, C25  1966 - 70  Decoke Set1500
BSA D325C 1956-63 Decoke Set 650 OHV Super Rocket 27 35

BSA 325C 1956-63 Engine Set 650 OHV Super Rocket
52 15

BSA 326
Bantam D5 D7 Gasket Set 13 05

BSA 328B40 Gasket Set3055
BSA 336
D175 Gasket Set13

BSA 338
A65 Twin (SCHG) 1971 - On

BSA 338DBSA A65 Twin (SCHG) 1971 -  Decoke Set2250
BSA 825BSA Rocket 3 Trident Gasket Set5250
BSA 837
Rocket 3 Gasket Set.

TRI 815Triumph T120 Bonneville Gasket Set3955
TRI 818Triumph T120  63 - 66 Gasket Set4590
TRI R829 Triumph 350/500 Rocker Box Set1215
TRI 836Triumph T140  73 Onwards4770
Triumph 650   63 - 71  Gasket Set3235
Triumph 650 Decoke Set2515
Triumph 750 Decoke Set2515

A7 / A10 Rocker Bolt Set CE126TP110

A7 / A10 Rocker Bolt Set BSF 22TP11050
00-0123A10 Alloy Headbolt Set1580
A10 Iron Headbolt Set1050
A50 / 65 1968-70 Headbolt Set1755
A10 Swing Arm Engine Bolt Set2110
B Group 9 Piece Engine Bolt Set1580
02-2138Cylinder Head Bolt Washer  (each)075
15-0203Washer Fibre Oil Pipes (each)025
29-0410Valve Cotter   (each)220
29-2024Tab Washer Crankshaft        (each)090
29-4101Cylinder Head Stud   (each)215
35-4224Lkwasher Dynamo Drive Sprocket A7 / A10         (each)030
40-0117Camshaft Pinion Tab Washer         (each)095
40-0127Rocker Box Stud Medium          (each)120
40-0129Stud Long           (each)110
40-0131Rocker Box Stud Short       (each)110
40-015870-1575 Rocker Spindle Washer   (each)175
40-0162Rocker Spindle Nut           (each)175
40-0162Rocker Spindle Nut           (each)256
40-045570-8043 Lockwasher Crankshaft Nut090
40-096371-1426 Rocker Box Gasket B25   (each)140
40-315057-2714 Woodruff Key  (Each)185
41-001841-0638 BSA B40, B44 Head Gasket840
42-0048Rocker Oil Pipe A10 Copper1410
SRM 42-0071
Cush Drive Nut Special with Hex Head15 45
A Group Cush Drive Nut 7 00
42-0139Rocker Feed Pipe Bottom1795
42-7544M33 Primary Chaincase Gasket  (each)295
BSA Engine Sprocket 2lobe Cam 24T 43

65-0317A10 Oil Feed Bolt495
65-1164Rocker Cover Gasket B31 / B33  (each)085
65-1614B31 Big End B14K21655
65-2045High Gear Bearing700
65-2153A7 / A10 Rocker Inspection Cap Nut 115
65-2521Engine Shaft Lock Washer  (each)050
65-2612BSA Sump Gasket Filter  B&M  (each)180
66-0058M20 / M21 Cylinder Head Gasket1710
66-1920Timing Cover Gasket B31 /M33  (each)210
66-7575Oil Bath / Crankcase Gasket   (each)175
67-0033Valve Spring Bottom Cup  (each)515
67-0034Valve Spring Top Collar  (each)815
67-0255A10 Head Gasket1755
67-0256Gasket Cylinder Base A10  (each)185
67-0281BSA Inner Timing Cover Gasket  (each)330
67-0282BSA Outer Timing Cover Gasket  (each)320
67-0324A10 Valve1115
67-0356A7 / A10 Super Rocket Camshaft13390
67-0357A7 / A10 Spitfire Camshaft 13390
67-0360/2 67-0977/9 Push Rod Set A10 17

67-0439 BSA Set Valve Springs A10 15

67-0643BSA Crankshaft Nut L/H Thread265
67-0644 BSA Crankshaft Lockwasher   (each) 0

67-064571-2500 Crankshaft Washer A10205
67-0671/2/7 Crankshaft Shim Set A10 6

67-0674BSA Crankshaft Oil Seal225
67-0685BSA Pinoin Tab Washer  (each)050
67-0729BSA Lockwasher Dynamo Sprocket   (each)035
67-0740A7 Valve Inlet950
67-0741A7 Valve Exhaust1070
67-1138 Crankshaft Bearing Spacers 7

67-1211A10 Crank Plug Hexagonal355
67-1258Gasket Magneto Flange  (each)     1 00
67-128670-8064 Sump Plate A10 ect1155
67-1288BSA Sump Cover Gasket  (each)1
67-1393BSA Oil Pump Gasket  (each)070
67-1498Oil Pressure Release Valve Washer   (each)1195
68-0046Cylinder Base Gasket A65   (each)155
68-0144Rocker Box Gasket A50 / A65  (each)200
68-078168-0827 BSA A65 Head Gasket1530
70-133040-0157  Rocker Spindle Washer  (each)025
70-1574Rocker Thackery Washer   (each) 090
70-1575Rocker / Spindle Thrrust Washer  (each) 095
70-3352Triumph T120 Rocker Box Gasket270
71-1437 Timing Cover Gasket A50 /  A65   (each) 2
SRM 71-2370
Pessure Relief Valve BSA & Triumph Twins 39

71-2599Triumph T140 Rocker Box Gasket175
83-2829Triumph T140 Sump Gasket  (each)075
BSA Bantam D1 / D3 / D5 / D7  Oil Seal Kit895
BSA Bantam D10 / D14  Oil Seal Kit 945
Oil Seal Kit C15/B40 Distributor 1959-63715
Oil Seal Kit C15 / B40    945
Oil Seal Kit BSA A50 / A65  1962-73945
Oil Seal Kit BSA B25, C25, B44, B501035
Oil Seal Kit Triumph T120 / T140 / TR71075
Oil Seal Kit Triumph T120 / TR6   63 - 711075
Oil Seal Kit Triumph 3TA / T21 / T90 / STA / T100 / TRST1075
BSA A10 49-62 Valve & Guide Set Iron Head5290
BSA A7, A10, A50, A65 All Years Sump Filter Kit4035
SRM Timing Kit A7, A10, B33  DBD ect3065

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