BSA Motorcycle Spares
Woking, Surrey 

Frame and Forks


Refer also to EAW Shock Absorber Fitment Range List

02-0292Drain Screw Washer (each)010
02-1309 BSA  Fork Drain Screw   (each) 0 30
02-6026 Handle Bar Clip & Damper Knob Securing Bolt 2 30
24-6035 BSA Steering Damper Rod Spring Washer  (each) 0 20
25-5247 BSA Steering Star Washer 7 65
27-513597-2645 BSA Fork Top Yoke Clip Bolt360
27-5152BSA Anchor Plate M20, M21, M33180
29-4657 BSA B31 Battery Strap 15 45
29-4662Saddle Washer155
29-5283 BSA Shaft Plug (nut-fork tube bottom) each 9 30
29-5289 42-5110 BSA Bottom Yoke Bolt & Nut   (each) 3 90
29-5289Fork Pinch Bolt295
29-5310 BSA Chrome Fork Seal Holder  (pair) 38 75
29-5310 BSA Chrome Fork Seal Holder  (each) 26 40
29-5310 BSA Stainless Steel Fork Seal Holder  (each) 33 35
29-5313 BSA Fork Oil Seals  (each) 2 40
29-5320 BSA Fork Circlip (each) 0 90
29-533897-2650 BSA Fork Washer  115
29-5347 BSA A & B Fork Bush Set 23 65
BSA Fork Bush / Seal Set A10 4115
29-7551 BSA Footrest Rubber (pair) 3 90
29-7560 BSA Pillion Footrest  (each) 10 50
29-7583 82-9054 BSA Pillion Footrest Rubbers (each) 1 90
29-7583Pillion Rubber BSA Long                  (Pair)350
40-307557-0449 Main Stand Rubber125
40-4216 42-4216 Swinging Arm Pin Bolt D7, D10, C15 1 45
40-4716BSA C15 / B40 Centre Stand Spring 345
40-4734Prop Stand Tab Washer   (each)100
40-4820BSA Pillion Footrest Assembly  C15/B40        (each)1255
40-4976 BSA C15 / B40  Handlebars without Tugs 18 55
40-5049 BSA C15, B40, 355/4 Velo MAC, Viper, Venom  (each) 2 60
40-5139 BSA Fork Oil Seal Holder C15 21 65
42-0051/52/53BSA A7 / A10 Head Steady Bracket Set1405
42-4112BSA A & B Solid Swing Arm Spindle1755
42-4115BSA Swing Arm Bushes Small Hole  (pair)2110
42-4125BSA Front Engine Cover1455
42-4216BSA Swing Arm Bolt240
42-4272BSA Rear End Cover A102630
42-4272BSA A & B Rear Engine Cover Plate1500
42-4284Rear Engine Cover No Filter Boss2565
42-4340BSA A & B Hollow Swing Arm Spindle1760
42-4340BSA A & B Hollow Swing Arm Spindle1900
42-4343BSA Swinging Arm Spindle Nuts A10275
42-4349 BSA Rear Brake Cross Shaft 24 50
42-4355 BSA Brake Pedal Spring 10 00
42-4362 BSA A & B Swing Arm Bush Set (Large Hole) 22 05
42-4362Bush Swinging Arm UK Manufacture  (each)2145
42-4502BSA A & B Group Battery Strap Set1405
42-4515 BSA A & B Models Battery Carrier Tray 15 80
42-4515BSA A & B Models Battery Carrier Tray2375
42-4582BSA A7 / A10 S/A Air Filter Assembly 3520
42-4585 BSA A10 Air Filter Rubber 7 10
42-4600 BSA A7 / A10 Air Filter Connection 6 75
42-4702/19 BSA Centre Stand B31 / B34  (UK Manufacture) 119

42-4730 BSA A7 / A10 Centre Stand Spring 3 45
42-4730 BSA A7 / A10 Centre Stand Spring 9

BSA A Group Centre Stand 147 30
BSA Centre Stand-no extention A & B 146 00
Centre Stand to Frame Fix Kit A10 8 85
42-4968BSA Handlebars Western A10 / A652110
42-5014 BSA Steering Damper Anchor Plate Chrome 12 35
42-5014BSA Steering Damper Anchor Plate 875
42-5024 BSA Fork Spring Cover Goldstar  (pair) 44 55
42-5027BSA A10 Goldstar Hardchrome + Bushes (pair)12420
42-5084BSA Fork Clamp Bolt260
42-5089BSA Fork end Cap  (each)820
42-5102BSA Headlamp Support Ring A101855
42-5320BSA A7, A10, A50, A65, 62-67 Fork Gaiters (pair)875
42-5320 Fork Gaiters A10 ect UK Manufacture  (13.05 pair)                                                                                        each  665
42-5320Front Fork Gaiter  A10  (10.55 pair)                                                                                                                  each550
42-5323Fork Gaiter Clip  (each)375
42-6040BSA Chain adjuster Bolt A10 345
42-6509BSA Front Fender Stainless D32 / D345215
42-6510/11BSA F/M/Guard Stay Set Goldstar5460
42-6544BSA Front Fender Stainless A10 / A657055
42-6547/8BSA/ F/M/Guard Stay Set R/G/S6880
42-6759BSA Mudguard Bracket345
42-6763Rear Mudguard Spacer A10450
42-6831BSA Rear Fender Stainless D347055
42-6832BSA Rear Mudguard Bracket1230
42-6833BSA R/Guard Bottom Bracket Goldstar920
42-6853BSA R/Guard D/Piece Rubber Thick230
42-6856/8BSA Mudguard Rear Stays A/B 54/58 Black
42-6865Lifting Handle A10 / B31 Swingarm1255
42-6887BSA Boxed No Plate without Reflector1580
42-7005BSA Rear Brake Pedal Sets Goldstar7015
42-7007BSA Rear Brake Rod Assembly A10 S/A, B31970
42-7701BSA A10 Super Rocket Chain Guard in Primer
42-7705BSA Goldstar Chrome Plated Chain Guard
42-7730BSA Chain Guard Swinging Arm 1956-13850
42-8341Mounting Rubbers Oil Tank105
42-8342Oil Tank Backing Rubber165
42-8343Oil Tank Filter Fibre Washer     (Each)035
42-8351BSA Oil Tank Bracket1170
42-9057BSA Seat Rubber Buffer  (Pair)585
42-9058BSA Dual Seat Nose Bracket990
42-906242-9196 Dual Seat Rear Bracket840
42-9072BSA Seat A & B Swing Arm10575
SM125Seat Cover BSA A & B Swing Arm3065
SM140Seat Cover BSA A & B Plunger2895
42-9183BSA Seat Rubber240
42-9230BSA A10 Super Rocket Dual Seat10575
64-601697-2646 BSA Top Yoke Pinch Bolt Nut 165
65-1890Engine Steady Plate Goldstar520
65-4668Battery Bracket with Strap3725
65-4960BSA A7 / A10 Handle Bar 1615
65-4960BSA A7/A10 Handle Bars Stainless Steel3520
65-5328BSA Damper Nut (each) 575
65-5331BSA Fork Nut A & B 56-62 A50 / A65 62-651125
65-5331BSA Fork Nut A & B 56-62 A50 / A65 62-65665
65-5332BSA Fork Top Nut Washer   (each)065
65-5333BSA Handle Bar Clamp (Pair)   (97-2655)1280
65-5333BSA Handle Bar Clamp UK Manufacture (each)1170
65-5334BSA Handle Bar Clamp Bolt Stainless (68-5056)345
65-5334BSA Handle Bar Clamp Bolt Chrome (68-5056)310
65-5380 BSA Steering Damper Friction Disc  (each)450
65-5426BSA Steering Damper Spring Clip 615
65-5443Steering Lock1300
65-544582-6738 / 68-5050 BSA / Triumph Steering lock 1580
65-5451BSA Fork Oil Seals (replaces 29-5313)  (each)170
65-5451BSA Fork Oil Seals (replaces 29-5313)  (each)310
65-6819BSA Number Plate Reflector Type Open 3520
66-5204BSA Steering Haed Dust Cover A10810
67-0102BSA A7 / A10 Chrome Carb Drip Tray1435
67-5009BSA A & B Headlamp Brackets without ears3175
67-5009BSA A & B Headlamp Brackets without ears2825
67-5021BSA Damper Knob1325
67-5021BSA Damper Knob with Stud1985
67-5023BSA A7 / A10 Steering Stem adjuster Nut795
67-5023BSA A7 / A10 Steering Stem adjuster Nut1500
67-5024BSA Steering Stem Nut1720
67-5024BSA Steering Stem Nut without Damper Hole840
67-5024BSA Steering Stem Nut with Damper Hole840
67-5042/5044BSA A & B Headlamp Brackets with ears5285
67-5087BSA Headlamp Cowl Rubber 12" long235
67-5088BSA Nacelle Speedometer Rubber220
67-6830BSA Number Plate Reflector Type Closed3520
BSA Transfer Rear Number Plate 650cc130
BSA Transfer Rear Number Plate 500cc130
67-6851Rear Number Plate Trim 
67-6851BSA Rear Number Plate Trim  (3.85 M)   (Per Metre)385
67-6851BSA Rear Number Plate Trim  26" 660mm 320
68-5185Steering Anchor Plate A652785
68-6788Rear Number Plate BSA 1962-652100
68-6803BSA A65 Rear Mudguard Rail 1968/74855
68-680790-6748 Rear Number Plate non box 7 digit2485
68-9135Grab Rail early A653565
82-1695Triumph Pillion Rubber   (Pair)395
82-4076Swing Arm Bush345
82-8091Triumph Battery Tray Rubber335
82-8382Prop Stand spring315
82-9279Triumph Footrest Rubber  (Pair)470
82-9602BSA Footrest Rubber  (Pair)470
82-9603BSA Pillion Rubber  (pair)330
83-2726BSA / Triumph Flat Number Plate1740
89-5036BSA A10 Fork Springs Solo (each)620
89-5061BSA A Group Fork Stanchions5735
90-4992BSA Bantam D10 /14 Handlebars No Lugs1755
90-6748Rear Number Plate BSA Bantam A652990
97-044175-5104 Fork Top Bush BSA Triumph   (Each)425
97-0443Fork Bottom Bush T100, T120, A65    (Each)445
97-113097-1140, 97-1110, BSA C15 / B40 Cup, Cone, ball2735
C15 / B40 Steering Bearing Set T90 / T1002775
97-1872Handle Bars Triumph T90 /1002155
97-2513BSA A65 Fork Gaiter    (each)                                                                                                             5.40
97-3635BSA Fork Gaiters   (Pair)1075
97-4011Triumph Progressive Fork Spring      (each)1395
97-4252Handle Bars BSA  A65 / A75  USA 2155
97-4271Front Mudguard BSA /  Triumph Stainless4405
97-4538T140 / TR7  UK Spec Knurled Centre1975
SRMTRIBSA A & B Swing Arm Steering Head Taper Rollers5955
BSA A/B/M Steering Head Bearing Set A50/A65  OIF Pre 1971   66-4149, 65-5126, 65-51272640
BSA A/B/M Steering Bearing Conversion Kit4410
BSA A/B/M Steering Head Cup, Cone & Ball2470
Fork Shim Set BSA A10 ect Set of 4575
H / Lamp Mounting Bracket Set G/S Clubman5400
SM163BSA Steering Damper Assembly3520
SM166BSA Steering Damper Assembley Pre 1952 Models3520
BSA M20 Steering Damper Knob1150
BSA M20 Tool Box Knob535
Footrest Pillion Unit (pair)1405
Seat Large Lycett Saddle B & M 2915
Small Lycett  COVER ONLY1615
Large Lycett COVER ONLY1615
Seat Small Lycett2915
Front Mudguard 4" W Stainless 19" Wheel3595
Transfer 'MIN OIL LEVEL'115
Prop Stand Assembly A10 / B3114105
Girling Shock Absorber Spares
SM1063/8" Girling Bush565
SM108Girling Damper Adjuster Spanner525
SM1095/16" Girling Bush420
19-74871/2" Girling Bush655
SM145Shock Cover Chrome  (Pair)1255
SM146Shock Cover Black   (Pair)1255

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