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Fuel Tank

02-0079Tank Badge Screw
24-7178Screw petrol tank bracket145
27-8346Breather pipe union screw415
29-7868/9Metal knee grip plates pair875
40-8010Tank centre grommet265
40-8012/13Knee Grips Grey1050
40-8014/15Red pair shaped tank badges UK manufactured4725
40-8016BSA 3BA Tank Badge Screw 1"020
40-8016BSA 3BA Tank Badge Screw 2"045
40-8016C15 / A65 Tank Badge Screw180
40-8029/30C15 / A10 / A65 Knee grip black pair1205
40-808582-9064 Petrol Tank Mounting Rubber130
40-8124Pear shaped backing rubber   (each)275
41-8004B40 / Bantam Tank Badge2780
42-801040-8039 BSA Tank Centre Grommet310
42-8011Petrol tank centre bolt360
42-8012BSA Petrol Tank Centre Rubber125
42-801783-0260 Petrol tank centre rubber170
42-8020Spring Clip Tank Badge  pair445
42-8020BSA Tank Mounting Kit875
42-803465-8317 Badge screw & nut  (each)020
42-8047A7 S/S Petrol Tank 4" badge type26100
42-8048A7 / A10 Swing Arm Tank22930
42-8052Anti - Roll Rubber   (Each)180
42-8070Twin Banjo A7 / A10225
42-8070Single banjo A7 / A10225
42-8107500cc Clubmans Petrol Tank (Goldstar)22930
42-8114/15Mounting plates pair700
42-8118A10 Petrol Tank Super Rocket (Chrome)22930
60-4511Petrol Tap + Tube Position Indicator1410
60-4512Petrol Tap (Position Indicator)1410
65-8193Tank Badge 4" Red / Gold Pair4325
42-8105  4" SS Green pair3035
A / B / C Group Pre 1957 Knee Grips Black pair 12

65-8220Tank Badge Piled Arms Red UK manufactured  (Pattern 27-40)4010
65-8228Tank badge 4" Black TB007 or Green TB013  (each)1725
65-8314/15M20 Knee Grips pair1230
66-8351Filler Cap 2 1/2"2875
66-8362Petrol Tank Breather Pipe DBD341260
67-8060A7 / A10 Domed Nut   (each)230
67-8171 42-8075 3/8" Petrol Tap (Genuine Not Pattern) 3705
67-817142-8075 BSA 3/8 Petrol Tap  (Pattern)1500
Petrol Tap Adaptors 1/4" to 3/8" 575
Washer 1/8" Gas       (each)035
Washer 1/4" Gas       (each)035
Washer 3/8" Gas       (each)040
68-819006-0681 Tank Cap Flip-Up Type (Norton / BSA) genuine UK manufactured4040
70-7351Petrol Tap Dowty Washer 1/4" BSP   (each)055
82-4048Petrol Tank Cap Washers  (each)140
82-8250Petrol Tank Badge Screw220
82-9695Tank Badge Metal BSA Pear R/H2075
82-9696Tank Badge Metal BSA Pear L/H2075
83-2800Petrol Tap 1/4" x 1/4"795
83-2801Petrol Tap 1/4" x 1/4" Reserve795
29-7898 Fuel Cap Standard 2 ” 

Petrol Tap, Teflon Seal, 1/4" x 1/4" BSP1935
Oil / Fuel Hose 1/4" Ethanol Proof Black    (Per Metre)470
Fuel Hose 1/4" Clear PVC (per 300mm / 1 foot)050

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