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Rear wheel bearings refer to EAW Wheel Bearing Application List

Rear Sprockets refer to EAW Genuine British Sprockets List

90-5719BSA Bantam D7, D10, D14  /  Triumph Cub1350
90-5719WP BSA Bantam / Triumph Cub Waterproof Linings
40-5525 47-5527  BSA C15 Fr/Rr & B40 Rr (FSB918) 24 30
65-5901 BSA 7" Single Sided Front & QD Rear 17 95
65-5901 FERODO BSA 7" S/S & Q/D Front & Rear 32 35
67-5558 BSA 8" Single Sided Front A/B/M Group 19 05
68-5541/43BSA A50 / A65 8" Single Sided Front Ex Wide1905
06-3417Norton Dominator / Commando Rear1615
06-6186Norton Commando Front Disc Pads LUCAS1960
37-1406/7Triumph 7" Fr Full Width & QD Bolt on Rear1615
37-1966BSA / Triumph 8" Full Width TLS Front Hub1890
37-3713BSA / Triumph 8" Conical Front Hub1615
37-3925/6BSA / Triumph 7" Conical Rear Hub1615
99-2769Triumph T140, T150, T160 Disc Pads875
99-2769Triumph T140, T150, T160 Disc Pads (AP)1170
Wheel Bearind Kit   (Pair)535
Wheel Bearing Kit 5 35
65-5883BSA Front Wheel Bearings  (pair)895
65-5883 Wheel Bearing Kit      (3) 12 55
37-0653Wheel Bearing Kit      (2)535
Wheel Bearing Kit      (3)1350
89-3022Wheel Bearing Kit      (2)1255
42-581989-3022 Wheel Bearing Kit855
65-20452 x 5883 Wheel Bearing Kit1075
Wheel Bearing Kit535
02-0449Nut 3/8 BSA (EB106)    (each)030
37-013542-5841 BSA Triumph Brake Shoe Returnspring190
37-1237Hub Dust Cover105
37-124642-5842 Brake Anchor Plate Nut255
37-2240Wheel Trim BSA Rocket 3 Stainless1795
37-2309BSA Axle Nut585
37-2460Wheel Trim 8" Twin Leading Shoe Stainless1795
37-4275Triumph Superior Hard Chrome Disc
37-4275Triumph Cast Iron Brake Disc Rotor
37-7079Triumph 6 Hole Cast Wheel Disc
37-7175Triumph Standard Disc
40-5518BSA Brake Cover Plate 6" C15 / B402475
40-5518BSA Hub Cover 6" Stainless Steel  C15 / B401795
42-5843BSA 8" Full Width Hub Chrome Plated Cover1435
42-5844BSA 9" Hub Cover Stainless A7 / A101795
42-584437-2211 Cover Plate3105
42-6030BSA Golsstar Rear Brake Plate Chrome7200
42-6045BSA R / Brake Operating Lever A101845
42-6045/3Rear Brake Operating Lever Chrome1665
42-6046BSA Rear Brake Spring710
42-6326BSA Rear Wheel Bearing Bolt515
42-6327 BSA A10 Rear Sprocket Nut  (each)715
42-6353BSA Rear Brake Lever A10 ect1025
57-028042-5821 Gearbox & Hub Circlip see Gearbox
65-5566BSA Front Wheel Spindle Stainless3055
65-588637-2301 BSA Hub Felt Washer180
65-588637-2310 Hub Felt Washer180
65-590437-2328 BSA Brake Shoe Spring380
67-556268-5558 Hub Lock Ring1350
67-6028Rear Hub Spindle Distance Sleeve855
67-6030Half Spindle BSA A&B Polished Stainless3595
67-6034BSA Rear Hub Bearing Circlip A10110
67-6046BSA A&B Group Rear Brake Outrigger Strap715
67-605137-2313 BSA Rubber Hub Shell Washer405
67-6076R/Hub Locking Ring LH Thread1350
67-6101BSA Driving Flange BSA A10/A655130
67-6133/3Hub Dust Cover S/A C/Plate1455
67-6161Rear Spindle Polished Stainless4495
68-6066100/37-2309 / 67-6031 Spindle Nut525
68-613441-6031 Brake Lever Return Spring765
90-6074Hub Felt Washer    (each)080

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